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International Human Rights Law

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Author: Olivier De Schutter


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How do you keep students motivated when their perception of a subject conflicts with the reality of its academic study? International human rights law unquestionably an exciting field is also complex and demanding. With his breakthrough textbook De Schutter focuses on international human rights law as global legal system rather than as a collection of different (though related) rights giving it relevance and immediacy. Drawing on cases and materials from a wide range of sources it shows how human rights law is used as a tool to address contemporary issues such as counter-terrorism global poverty and religious diversity. Materials are organised thematically allowing readers to make comparisons and connections between different legal treaties and systems. Students can also easily assess how human rights are protected under domestic and international laws. The law is placed in context throughout ensuring full understanding of why laws exist and how they work.


Part I. The Sources: Introduction; 1. The origins; 2. Human rights as part of public international law; 3. State responsibility and 'jurisdiction'; Part II. The Substantive Obligations: Introduction; 4. The obligation to respect; 5. The obligation to protect; 6. The obligation to fulfil; 7. Derogations in times of public emergency; 8. The prohibition of discrimination; Part III. Mechanisms of Protection: 9. Ensuring compliance with international human rights law: the role of national authorities; 10. The United Nations human rights treaties system; 11. The United Nations Charter-based monitoring of human rights; 12. Regional mechanisms of protection.

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